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Recently, this conversation was overheard at the offices of a prominent magazine publisher:

Boss: Because I'm stuck here late at work, I'm going to miss my 2 year old's birthday party!

Art Director: What's wrong, Boss?

B: You hired 10 different artists for this month's issue, and now I have to write ten different checks! Do you have any idea how long that takes?!!

AD: Gee whiz, I had no idea!

B: And now I find out that famous artist Mitch O'Connell could have handled every assignment in his variety of terrific techniques -- comic, logo, graphic, caricature, cartoon, realistic, abstract, cute -- and I would have only had to write one check!

AD: I'm sorry. . .

B: Because you didn't call Mitch, I'm missing my child's formative years! You're fired!

AD (thinking): Because I didn't hire Mitch O'Connell, my life is in ruins. If only I could do it all over again. If only...

Don't let this be your fate! Contact Mitch today!!!