The Art of Mitch O'Connell

NEW Merch!

I pay tribute to Paul McCartney in this hand-pulled limited edition of hand-signed huge 22 by 22" thirteen color screenprints for all your psychedelic wall hanging needs! Chicago's Screwball Press went to tripy town mixing their very own concoctions of fluorescent, shimmery and dayglow paints (their beauty unable to be captured in photographs) into their already vibrant printing inks, guaranteed to give all viewers a contact high.
$110 (that includes $10 USA Priority Mail Postage)

Donald Trump, our next President, is immortalized in a "They Live" red, white and blue (and yellow) homage hand pulled screenprint! Owning this giant 19 by 24" signed limited edition will prove that you're a proud Americian during this election season.
$110 (that includes $10 USA Priority Mail Postage).

Now TWO "Trump/They Live" mash-up t-shirts are ready for ordering!

This is what might be lurking under our next presidents tanned face, if we only had the alien reveling
"They Live" glasses to know for sure! The classic black t's are ring spun 100% cotton,
and come in these exciting Men's sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXXL, XXXL and XXXXL!

Only $26 each including Priority Mail shipping in the USA, $46 for two going to the same address! For Canada, $42 for one and $62 for two going to the same address! International shipping is $46.50 for one, or $66.50 for two going to the same address!

Please indicate your size choice (black is the only color choice) with your Paypal payment. Also, let me know which of the "Trump" or "Trump: Make America Great Again" designs you prefer.

Then Choose Quantity:

"Spacegal" The Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick, Urge Overkill and Naked Raygun gig poster! This was done for Naked Rayrun for their huge Wrigley Field Chicago concert, but they were unable to sell them at the gig. Due to 100s of emails asking me where they could get one (it was posted all over the internet) I printed up a stack! Limited to 250 signed and numbered (by me) 4-color, 12 by 18" prints. Printed on 100lb matte cover stock with matte aqueous coating. They're $32 (that includes $7 USA Priority Mail Postage). $57 for two going to the same address. USA only.

Click below if you're buying two prints!