The Art of Mitch O'Connell


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PLEASE NOTE: Orders are available to U.S. customers only!


Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell
You wanted the best, you got the best, a giant career spanning retrospective book of the illustrations of your hero and mine, Mitch O'Connell, from Last Gasp Publishing! Accurately titled, Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell is a Hard Hitting, No Holds Barred Expose of the Sweetest, Most Lovable Feller EVER!

It's the world of art where big eyed kittens, nude beehived women and rockabilly flaming skulls collide! This full color, almost 300 page tome, resplendent with an actual foam filled puffy cover encased in real sparkling glitter, collects all the good stuff (the crappy art is under lock and key) from "The Prince of Pop Art," Mitch O'Connell!

Encompassing everything from doodles in school books to tour de force museum masterpieces, eye-catching illustrations from Playboy to The New York Times and sold-out fancy pants gallery show strokes of genius from Hollywood to Tokyo, this magnum opus is sure to be revered as the greatest collection of art ever produced! Thanks to Last Gasp Publishing ( for taking on such a prestigious task and designer Joseph Allen Black ( for stylizing this stunningly sensational treasure!

And NOW, get the new bestselling book Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell direct from the man himself (he's the same guy that writes all this superlative hype about himself in the third person)!

All books are signed and inscribed to whoever places the order (so if you'd like something different, please let me know)! All packages are additionally stuffed with an array of exciting M.O'C collectible extras, including temporary tattoos, flyers, business cards, iron-ons, transfers and more!

Pssst! If you want to forgo the signature and bonus items to save a few bucks, check it out on Amazon - and please make sure to leave a four star review!

$40.00 including postage!



Mitch O'Connell Tattoos
I have a limited amount of copies of my new 264 page full color book from Last Gasp, "Mitch O'Connell Tattoos". As you might have guessed from the title, it's a collection of all the best of my tattoo designs, from the three sets of tattoo flash to designs that have never appeared elsewhere -- over 250 pieces, each taking up a full page! I'll be happy to sign 'em, but IF you DON'T want them inscribed to you (maybe to give to another person or just signed without an inscription), please let me know, because otherwise I'm just gonna go ahead and do it. Plus, as a special surprise extra, each book comes with a batch of temporary tattoos and whatever other goodies I can squeeze into the package!

$20.10 including postage!


Pwease Wuv Me
Mitch's second collection of doodles! More of the same crap, but now with color!

$23.10 including postage!



Good Taste Gone Bad
Mitch's first collection of the best in kitsch-loving, stunningly surreal, and salivatingly sexy illustrations and storytelling. 88 pages of glorious fun!

tattoo flash (click here to read what people are saying about Mitch's Flash)



Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed

Each set includes:

  • 11 full color sheets containing over 60 all new, never before seen tattoo designs, all beautifully printed on 80# archival stock!
  • 11 sharply reproduced outline sheets!
  • Plus! A 'Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed" full color shop sign!

That's a total of 23 11 x 14" sheets for only $100.00! Shipping is free!

Sets of this size normally sell for up to twice the price. At $1.60 per design, it'll be easy to make money off this set!

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$100 (free shipping)


Done While Drunk

  • 11 full color sheets containing over 80 all new, never before seen tattoo designs, all beautifully printed on 80# archival stock!
  • 11 sharply reproduced outline sheets!
  • Plus! A "Done While Drunk" full color shop sign!

A total of 23 11 x 14" sheets for only $100! Shipping is Free!



Bottom of the Barrel

Twelve pulse pounding super GIANT sized 11" by 17" sheets barely able to hold over 75 full color tattoo designs! Plus, if that weren't enough, in addition, a full color "Bottom of the Barrel" poster! Printed on fancy laser paper with EVERY page hand signed by Mitch!! Wait, there's even more!!! I'll throw in a DOZEN Mitch O'Connell art coasters with each set!!!!

This flash isn't just pretty, (you've got girl designs, clown, pimp, tiki, girls, wolf, vegas, motorcycle, halloween, voodoo, girls, patriotic, skull, devil, religious, hula, rock 'n roll, big-eyed, girls, poodles, vices, drinking, did I mention girls? And MORE!!), it also gets business! Check out "Skin 'n Ink" to see real photos of the fine folks who have actually chosen to get the designs inked on their flesh!

$100 (free shipping)


"The Devil Made Me Do It!" is an All New hand "M.O'C" signed HUGE 27 by 39" Full Color 100# Gloss poster of sexy and scary devil tattoo designs!
Perfect for hanging in your Tattoo Shop, Living Room, Dorm Room, Oval Office, Tree House or S&M Dungeon!

Even more amazing is the price! ONLY $10 each! Additional posters (in the same order going to the same place) are at the wholesale price of $5 each (resell them for $10ea yourself and get rich)!!

Shipped rolled in a mailing tube. Sorry, no overseas orders, the postage costs are just too crazy to figure out.

$20 including postage!- addtional posters $5 each!!!

black light posters

The Devil Wants You Fat

Satan wants you fat! Tape this to your refrigerator and yell back to the Prince of Darkness when he tries to seduce you with carbohydrates and fat.

$30 including postage!

M'Lady Is You

Present this to you lady on any special occasion and/or when you get caught doin' sumpin' you oughtn't. MmmmHuh! Ooooh Yeeeahhh. . .

$30 including postage!

Don't Be A Hater

Don't be a hater! Never rejoice in the misfortunes of others. Instead, spread the positive energy that goes by the name of Love!

$30 including postage!


Stare at the bright'll soon unravel all-uh the world's mysteries on this mind-blowing trip on the bong express!

$30 including postage!

Buy all three posters for $69! including postage!!!