The Art of Mitch O'Connell


From the Desk of Mitch O'Connell: A sampling of thangs that amuse/interest yours truly!!!

Best webdesigner/musician/superstar/stud in the universe!

Need the World's Best Designer for all your designing needs? Just contact Joseph Allen Black!
Why is he the best? Just check the award winning book, Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist for proof!

Want to become a millionaire merchandising M.O'C artwork?
Contact my main man with the plan Sean Patterson!
310 456 6864
818 917 5446

Speaking of M.O'C merchandise, some great places to pick up those treasures include...

click here for a sample

Kitsch 'n Kouture
click here for a sample

Last Gasp Books
click here for a sample

Chronicle Books
click here for a sample

America's #1 zombie artist also has another calling...

Inspirational painter Frank Fruzyna!

The Famous Brothers are the best hillbilly trio on God's green earth!

Favorite TV Horror Host, The Ghoul!

Rusty Nail's, Chicago's movie marathon king!

Mitch on Facebook (that proves he's cool)!

A Mitch fan site on Facebook (that REALLY proves he's cool)!

Always sexy and kung fu tastic Tura Satana!

I love "found" photos!

Chicago's premiere tattoo shop!

The Amazing Kreskin! Do I really need a reason?

Pal artist for many, many decades!

Stepmom artist for many, many decades!

High School bud makes good with his own site!

The best magazine in the world!

Another best magazine in the world!

How many best magazines are there?!

The best of both worlds!

If you have a spare 24 hours...

Fun for the whole (Manson) family!

Snazzy greeting cards for all occasions!

Can you predict what site this is?

Wanna learn to draw? Do what I did...

Speaking of hot, the hottest band in the land...

Gomineko Books Publishers of amazing Japanese tattoo/art books!

The galleries closest to my heart (mainly because they've shown my art)!

Packer Schopf Gallery

Harold Golen Gallery

Space:Eight Gallery

Zombo Gallery

La Luz de Jesus

Rotofugi Gallery