The Art of Mitch O'Connell


For inquiring minds that need to know more, lets take a 'lil reveling peekepoo behind the curtain!

He (yes, I'm writing this myself, but it seems more impressive in the 2nd person, so play along) somehow has been able to make a living as a freelance artist. Big shot editorial clients include, Rolling Stone, Newsweek (4 covers! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!), GQ, The New York Times, Time, Playboy, Entertainment Weekly, The New Yorker and Juggs! Advertising campaign art for Coke, McDonalds, KFC, Kellogs plus many more. In-between paying jobs he creates fine art masterpieces that adorn gallery walls (the trick he's working on now is to get folks to buy 'em and hang 'em on their own walls). He's exhibited from New York to Chicago, to Germany to Miami to Tokyo to Hollywood to Mexico to wherever there's a gallery located where he wants an excuse to vacation (Hello Paris!). Also in his spare time creates popular tattoo designs. Next time you're in a tattoo shop looking for something to have etched on your skin, check out the flash on the walls for some of his brilliant work (if you don't see his doodles Mitch recommends tipping your hat in a gruff manner and exclaiming, "Good day Sir!" as you depart). To avoid this loss of customers if you have a shop, why not buy one (or all) of his flash 3 sets today? Also, pick up the critically acclaimed book collecting 250 of his favorite designs titled, cleverly enough, "Mitch O'Connell Tattoos".
Yes, you say, we all know about his superstar accomplishments, what about the man himself? Is he as wise, dreamy and sexy as he looks? Yes, yes and YES! Let me tell 'ya, he's a man of simple pleasures. He loves to hang in there, hang loose, hang ten and let it all hang out, keep it real and keep on trucking, do his own thing, chill out, mellow out, kick back, take care of business, keep on keeping on, get his groove on, take a load off, reach for the stars, hear where you're coming from because he really cares about you as a person and my is it hot in here wouldn't you feel more comfortable undressed my special lady?, do what he's got to do, mellow out and rock on, long walks, sunsets, holding hands, good friends and good times!! Favorite pastime? Spreading joy wherever he goes.

Thangs he's fond of? Saying "thangs" instead of "things" for one. A tie for top favorites goes to his 'lil offspring, (beautiful and talented) first born young male Leo and darling daughter Kieran, also, and in no particular order, Big-eyed Keane paintings (and the countless knockoffs), kitsch in any shape and form, nudes on art and in real life, velvet paintings, flea markets, thrift stores, old school tattoos, demolition derby, roller derby, pinewood derby, the Amazing Kreskin, self taught artists, funny cars, art cars, UFO/bigfoot/ghost sightings, black-light, glow in the dark, Russ Berrie figures, peace, macaroni craft projects, vintage magazines (the kind men like!), Peanuts, Ernie Bushmiller, pink elephants, 3 card monte, haunted houses, museums, gallery openings, clip art, sign painters, colorful leg warmers, Jarts, the idea of bowling, sleeping in, vintage ski masks, string art, odd swag lamps, spook shows, happenings, anything with craft fur, glitter, plush white shag carpets, basement wood paneling, patting a purring cat, nudists, kid's drawings, Burlesque, Ronco products, Diet Coke, miniature golf, giant pepper mills, hammocks, state fairs, muscle cars, lucha libre, cozies, sideshows, state fairs, shrunken heads, tiki bars, any bar, beehives, jello molds, autumn, sound of the rain on the roof, gag gifts, the sound of waves lapping on the shore, apple pie, wheat thins/cheese/box of red wine, jogging, TV preachers, superbly, wacky packs, Big Daddy Roth, Ivan Albright, beehives, jello molds, TV healing preachers, drumming (not talented, but makes up for it in volume. Just ask his neighbors!), pop art, jiffy pop, Tom Wesselman, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, smell of burning leaves and so much more!

Does he like movies? You betcha! Rundown movie palaces, Drive-ins, documentaries, Midnight Movies. Any black and white "noir," B movies, any Clint Eastwood, Orsen Wells, Jerry Lewis, Bogart, Roy Scheider, David Cronenberg, Walter Matthau, Alfred Hitchcock, William Castle, Abbott & Costello, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Jerry Lewis, Don Knotts or Jack Lemmon movie. Invasion of the Bee Girls, Coma, Parallax View, Skidoo, The Conversation, Thin Man, The Wizard of Speed and Time, 2001, Kingdom of the Spiders, The Bicycle Thief, Phantasm, American Movie, The Manster, War of the Gargantuas, Hypnotic Eye, High School Confidential, Planet of the Apes, Dumbo, Time after Time, Yellow Submarine, First Men in the Moon, Gun Crazy, Billy Jack, Quentin Tarantino, Broadway Danny Rose, Destroy all Monsters, Bambi, To Kill a Mockingbird, 7th Voyage of Sinbad, House on Bare Mountain, Kiss Me Quick, The House That Screamed, The 400 Blows, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Creeping Terror, (who the hell is reading this list anyway?), Corpse Grinders, Stardust Memories, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Attack of the Mushroom People, American Movie, Hell House, The Room, Napoleon Dynamite, Night/Dawn of the Dead, Salesman, 39 Steps, Stranger Than Paradise, Lord of the Flies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Glen or Glenda, Jaws etc!

What about that Rock and Roll music that's sweeping the nation? Is Mitch "with it"? With it?!! Who do you think invented the phrase, "Rock On!"? Often enjoyed on his giant headphones include The Beatles, Cramps, Ramones, Damone, Raymen, Cheap Trick, Link Wray, Wanda Jackson, Fountains of Wayne, Less Than Jake, The Famous Brothers, Dave Brubeck, Gene Krupa, The Supersuckers, Queen, Jet, Alice Cooper, Devo, Kiss, White Stripes, MGMT, Snow Patrol, Joe Black's Midnight Spook Show, oldies and goodies (the '70's) plus many off the happening tunes the young folk are listening to nowadays.

TV? He's got two of 'em! When not at the opera or Shakespeare festivals, in order to understand his fellow man Mitch has been know to watch the Brady Bunch Variety Hour, Larry Sanders Show, Pink Lady and Jeff, Mrs. America Contests, The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Amazing Race, anything with "Special Guest Stars", Larry Storch, Charlie Callas, TV Horror Hosts, The Ghoul, Sir Graves Ghastly and Svengoolie, 6 Feet Under, Deadwood, Davy and Goliath, Dexter, Night Gallery, Leave it to Bever, Arrested Development, The PTL Club, Lovejoy and gets a warm glow remembering putting a coat hanger in one antennae and a wadded up aluminum ball on the other for reception, the TV glow that fills up a dark room, The station sign off, "as we end our broadcast day" to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner.

I hear Mitch is quite the intellectual. Does he read them book thinges? You betcha! "Kooks" by Donna Kossy, "Throat Sprokets" by Tim Lucas, "Golden Turkey Awards" by the Medved Bros., "How to Pick Up Girls", "Home Guide to Treating Embarrassing Red Rashes" by Dr. Frank, "Forgiven" by Shepard (great book on Jim & Tammy Baker), "Carnival" by Arthur Lewis, "An Original Dead End Kid Presents" by Leo Gorcey, "Howl" by Alan Ginsberg, "Criswell Perdicts" by Criswell, "The Ghoul S/Crapbook" by Sweed and Olzewski, "Case Closed" by Posner, "Flim Flam" by Randi, "Step Right Up Folks" by Griffin, "Synchronized Swimming is For Me" by Lerner, "Geek Love" by Dunn, all Jimmy Olsen comics, Beat poetry, big heavy hardcover books on art, any books by Donald Westlake, Charles Willeford, Thomas Berger, Stephen King, Stuart Kaminsky's Toby Peters mysteries, and of course, my personal favorites, "Good Taste Gone Bad: The "Art" of Mitch O'Connell" and "Pwease Wuv Me: More "Art" by Mitch O'Connell"!

Wow! Is there anything he doesn't like? Jus' a few! Olives, mushrooms, centipedes, splinters, stubbed toes, sunpthin' in his eye, spelling, decorative pillars and war.